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  Golden Knitted Wire Mesh Factory manufactures a diverse selection of standard and compressed Knitted Wire Mesh products. Available in carbon steel, galvanized, copper, stainless steel and aluminum, Golden Knitted Wire Mesh Factory can help you with solutions to your needs.
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Golden Knitted Wire is engaged in the design and processing of knitted wire mesh. We have a quality-assurance program that provides customers with products exceeding the application requirements. Knitted wire mesh is becoming substitute for some filter media and is finding more and more uses now.

Industries Served:

Protection of Diesel fuel injections
Radio frequency interference shields
Shock absorbers (Cuhion steel), Vibrations mounts
Transfer of normally, exhausted waste heat
Mufflers of pneumatic tools.
Flame arrestors
Abrasive copper mesh for cleaning plastic extrusion screws, barrels, dies, moulds and machine parts. (Gauze cleaner)
Soundproofing mats for generators
Humidifier mats in air conditioning.


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