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  Golden Knitted Wire Mesh Factory can help you with solutions to your needs by making different types of knitted wire products. Golden Knitted is committed to making knitted wire mesh that out perform all others ensuring customers satisfaction.
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We specialize in Knitted Wire Mesh, Knitted Wire Fabric, Knitted Wire Mesh Gasket, and Knitted Mesh Filters, Mufflers, Demister Pad in all alloys and sizes.

It is the only goal of Golden Knitted Wire to become the first choice for customers who need quality knitted wire mesh and processed parts in China. We can offer knitted wire products in various forms to meet different requirements.


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      Knitted Wire Mesh
      Knitted Wire Fabric
      Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets
      PTFE Mesh Demister Pad
      Knitted Mesh Filter
      Knitted Wire Mesh Breathers
      Knitted Wire Mufflers
      Knitted Wire Demister Pad
      Knitted Mesh Mist Eliminator
      Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh
      Copper Knitted Wire
      Knitted Wire Mesh Shielding


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